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The New, Improved? Rust Belt

Taking on non-place and the death of the Rust Belt in “The New, Improved? Rust Belt,” my latest for @newgeography :

There is no longer a Rust Belt. It melted into air. The decline of manufacturing, the vacancy of the immense, industrial structures that once defined the productive capacities and vibrant lives of so many pockmarked towns, the dwindling of social capital—all the prognosticators writing the obituaries for these dead geographies were right.

How long were rust belt cities going to be able to, as author Robert Putnam would phrase it, “bowl alone?” It turns out not very long.

Population Ain't Nothing But a Number

Given their wild variances in geographic size, why is it that we use population as a metric to gauge the health of cities? What would happen to population numbers - and the perception of place - if all cities were the same geographic size?

In this latest post for Belt Magazine, Xiaoran Li and I attempt to find out.