Ben Schulman is a writer and editor with a focus on architecture, urban planning and policy. His work has appeared in The Atlantic's CityLab, ARCHITECT Magazine, Belt Magazine, ICON Magazine, Metropolis Magazine, New Geography, Streetsblog, and numerous others. 

He served as the editor of Chicago Architect magazine and the Design section of Newcity Chicago, and was the co-host of the "A Lot You Got to Holler" podcast on architecture, design and urbanism. Previously, Ben was the communications director for the urban think-tank, the Congress for the New Urbanism. Currently, he works with Small Change, a real estate equity crowdfunding platform dedicated to building better cities. 

When not writing about cities, Ben heads the organization, The Newburgh Packet, and on occasion, activates the Contraphonic Sound Series (site under [re]construction), an attempt to document cities through sound.


Contact via email || @skyscrapinknees