The Contraphonic Sound Series was a project that documented cities through sound. The project utilized sound in the search for authentic civic identities in an age of universal aesthetic qualities.


The Sound Series consisted of distinct approaches to document the aural city:

A Lot You Got to Holler

The field recordings and sound pieces in “A Lot You Got to Holler” collected soundscapes of Chicago that allowed one to listen in and interact with places on a map.

Tonal Drift

Tonal Drift was a collaboration with Adham Fisher of 1000 Stations, examining place via cut-up field recordings from locations across London, the Greater UK, and Chicago.

Fourth River

A Pittsburgh-focused series of curated and composed pieces by musicians sonically exploring a particular place, event, neighborhood or moment across their city’s history. The resulting work was released digitally with an accompanying booklet of essays and photos on the topic at hand.

Little Hell

The Chicago complement to Pittsburgh’s Fourth River series.

Press on the Sound Series

Chicago Tribune

Chicago Public Radio

Exhibits and Presentations

The Contraphonic Sound Series Fourth River Exhibit was staged and hosted in The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust's 937 Gallery from April 3-18, 2015.

A panel on the Contraphonic Sound Series was presented at 2012 Mid-Atlantic Popular & American Culture Association (MAPACA) Conference, Pittsburgh, PA

Contraphonic, Inc.

Contraphonic, Inc. was a record label active from 2007-2013 (and in a previous incarnation from 2003-2007) that released records from noted composer Tobin Summerfield and his 20-piece ensemble Never Enough Hope, avant-garde trio Pillars & Tongues, legendary producer Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Material, Live Skull, etc), Pronto (the solo project of Mikael Jorgensen from Wilco), Adam Green (ex-Moldy Peaches), oRSo, and a host of eclectic and eccentric others.

The label initiated the Contraphonic Sound Series.

A Small Collection of Old Musical Releases

Me & My Ship

Me & My Ship

Branches -  Branches

Branches - Branches

Branches -  Beard on Fire

Branches - Beard on Fire

Branches -  Grown in You

Branches - Grown in You